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Big nothing

Just a little bit of everything.

- Disney
- History&Archaeology
- Fashion
- Art
- Anime ( mainly Sailor Moon )
- Video Games:

I'm playing regularly Aion on North America server Tiamat, asmo side.
Characters :
Aideyene, Rinoe, Aresnic, Sru .
From time to time I'm also playing League of Legends and Tera Online.

- Fandoms&Tv shows:

Once Upon a Time,
The walking dead,
The Borgias,
Game of Thrones,
The Tudors,
American Horror Story,
Penny Dreadful,
The Knick

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#emma’s first date with hook: the charmings

David looks like he was more stressed about this date than Emma.


That’s not how lifting your chin works!  D:

Interesting how Mamoru is the only one human character, who is badly drawn in every damn shot. I haven’t seen even one scene, when he looks decent.

Just LFG

   Auf wiedersehen sweetheart

I’ll tell you who the monsters are…the people outside this tent.

Elsa Mars

So fortunate…to have a sister

Elsa Mars